Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Litigator by John Grisham-The Review

The 10 days mid term break was nothing short of hectic, I tell you. I spent days working on my Class Housing Project, my presentation outlines and yes, halfway through my new favourite novel by John Grisham: The Litigator.
Before you read this book, you have to acknowledge that most of Grisham's work revolves around the laws, lawyers, attorneys,and the likes( The Firm, The Pelican Brief, The King of Torts), and even if you think those subjects sounds boring, please do not give his works a pass. They are good read.( And I don't get a percentage by saying that, so you can trust me)

Okay, The Litigator is a bit like The King of Tort in a sense that the author is using pharmaceuticals medicine  as the core plot. So, it really boils down to the pros and cons of the said med, also a young new attorney-is the lead in this book, and yes, this book, also focus on the world of tort.

The novel starts off with the introduction of a small law firm, Finley & Figg, that specialised in divorce,deaths and accidents cases. Enter David Zinc, a finance related attorney at Rogan Rothberg-a huge law firm, into the picture. One fateful day, David snapped in front of Rothbergs elevator and decided not to work at the sweatshop anymore. After one day of filling himself with booze, he somehow ended up at the front door of Finley and Figg. The small unknown firm was catapult into oblivion with the help of their new associate, David Zinc, and of course by the recent so-called discovery by Wally,the junior partner, who is a downright attention seeker(and a perv!).Finley& Figg upgraded their ante from just managing miscellaneous cases to being a mastermind(in a way) behind the country's top tort case, the Krayoxx, a drug by the said pharmaceutical company that supposedly lowers your chollestrol level but also heightened heart failure risk. 
The Krayoxx team-headed by Nadine Karros-one of the top attorney in the country, were certain about winning the case since Finley & Figg is just an amateur firm trying their first attempt at tort, but an unsuspecting twist of event rendered the Krayoxx team defenceless.Okay, that's my review thus far. I haven't finished the book yet.haha. But wait for it k.

Overall, I think this book deserves a top spot on your shelves, don't miss out, people. 

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