Monday, November 5, 2012

The Food Issue 2

Mid Term Study Leave.  A 10 DAY period in which we students are supposed to spend our time STUDYING, but that is something ironically, we don’t do.

After 10 whole days of excessive sleeps and lazing around, I decided to sum up what wonders I discovered during the 10 days study hiatus.
 Ni la burger malaysia.haha
Ok, one thing I noticed is that sometimes we get tired of eating the same old cold sandwiches from Delifrances( the ones we stupidly fork out more than Rm10 for,when we can do one at home without costing us a cent!) and the silly salmon quiche which don’t taste anywhere near as good as my mum’s asam pedas ikan kembung; the exorbitantly priced beets compote with calamari I thought is the best food on earth (my foot!) which is not as tasty as burger Malaysia you can buy tepi jalan.
Nothing tastes as good as real food, I tell you. The soft croissant with butter. The Burger tepi jalan(haha). The sup ekor yang super delicious kalau makan dengan nasi panas. The fried chicken dekat kedai mamak. Then we have the supersized chips dekat Carls Jr. yang super awesome. Then, we have the mash and banger and baked beans and chicken ham, ala-ala English breakfast gitu, yang boleh dimasak kat rumah je, tak payah pun pergi Roadhouse Grill tu.
Why do I come to this conclusion? You see, I drool a lot more watching HoChak and Man Vs Food than I do watching Avec Eric. And one more thing, we Malaysians just don’t do fancy food THAT MUCH. By fancy, I mean the ones which says  ‘boneless chicken with broth and some veggie’ but when it is served,(after 45minutes because it is so fresh the chef has to catch a living prime quality chicken that only feeds on organic cornfed in his backyard)you don’t see any chicken, you know what I mean?
BUT I have nothing against other good food, as long as they look yummy enough for my palate.haha
A TOAST. To good food.

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