Monday, November 5, 2012

(NOT YET) The BEST presentation EVER

"Today, I am about to challenge the the very definition of abortion."
That is how I started my BEL presentation today. I go on and on about how we were not denied the rights to live, therefore we should not deny that very rights of our own child and how I come to the conclusion that abortion is in short, murder.

Yes,yes, there is always the beating heart that goes: 

And I get super nervous,which luckily, no one noticed. I worried too much on whether I look both pretty and presentable in my yellow mustard Baju Kurung, if the audience would notice that actually I am sweating like  a racehorse and I am half praying that there won't be a pool of sweat under my feet(whoever says sweat is sexy is seriously insane), that I am cursing under my breath every time I had to say the ABORTION word out loud as if i am a human rights activist,  that I am not making eye contact but I am actually staring blankly into my classmates faces which somehow makes me look intent. 

End of presentation.
My lecturer exact words: Beautifully Done.
 So, Tiara, a pat on the back. A TOAST. 

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