Sunday, October 21, 2012


There is one thing you have to temporarily erase from your mind before you actually ATTEMPT to watch this movie: The Steward-Sanders Scandal. Why? Read on.
The movie’s opening is almost identical to the ones you read in fabled fairytales: it was a cold winter , a young beautiful queen was mesmerized by the beauty and strength of one single red rose, untouched by the rampaging snow storm. And of course, since she was pregnant, she had hoped that the baby(it was a girl, the queen just know it, ice-age people don’t need ultrasound) will grow up to have skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood and raven hair.(ok, why they pick Steward as this imaginary princess is beyond me, she is pale! The only celebrity who comes close to this description is Sophie Alex-Bexter, I tell you, but then again, Sanders is the producer, right? And the fact that Sophie is not an actress is another possible answer, haha )
After giving birth to enchantingly beautiful Princess Snow White, the queen did not manage to escape the wrath of death:c. The king was in a sad state and the rest of the kingdom shared his grief. Like any other fantasy-themed movies, there is always evil lurking somewhere around the corner to jump at the protagonist when he is at his worst and defenseless state. A new swarm of dark army attacked the kingdom and lose the battle initially. But, this is no ordinary brawn and muscles army, they have a technically hidden agenda, hidden in a wooden cage, waiting for the king to uncover. And voila! Out come the ravishing Ravenna(Charlize Theron) into the story, a woman so gorgeous that the king can’t take his eyes off her. So, the next day, he decided to take Ravenna as his new trophy wife( whatever happens to eternal love between the king and the dead queen? Fantasy or not, men are the same). On their wedding night, she stabbed him to death( I am not sure if it is a bad thing, she is practically avenging the dead queen, no?)
Hence, Ravenna got the throne and become the new ruler of the kingdom. And because she is obsessed with youth and beauty and  also to sustain her magic powers, she has to eat the heart of birds for breakfast, suck young women’s souls for lunch, long milk and wax bath in the evening, and socializing with crows at night. Far-fetched but true. I have to say that Charlize Theron’s portrayal of the wicked queen is exceptionally enjoyable, she has that dark and sexy vibe about her you would just love to hate.
You would have to watch the movie for yourself if you want to know about the greasy and messy huntsman, adorably potrayed by Chris Hemsworth and the mystical creatures in the Sanctuary( the googly-eyed mushrooms and toyol-looking fairies are the ones capturing my eyes), the ugly and pervert brother of our wicked Ravenna, the barbaric looking seven dwarves who look like Gimli’s (LOTR fame) siblings,so on and so forth.

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