Thursday, October 11, 2012

(NOT YET) The BEST Presentation EVER

I woke up early today, at around 6.30 am, despite having my class at 8.30am. What am I doing getting up so early? I don't know,I guess the butterflies in my tummy are getting the best of me.
So, I hit the shower:
Tell you what, I have a song-humming session every time I hit the shower. Sometimes its Pussycat Dolls, sometimes its Kat deLuna( I said HUMMING because sadly, my voice is ugly, and I don't want people to hear that, kan?) But TODAY, of all days, I find myself reciting my presentation text in the shower.
Oh NOOOO. I am SOOO nervous I almost poured shower foam onto my toothbrush to brush my teeth.(it tasted like panadol plus 100 plus and goatmilk.ugghhhh.yucks)
I fixed my new headscarf and my shirt, checked my face, looking good is part of de riguer if you want to be confident when you deliver your presentation. And of course, you have to be as relax as you can and be positive even when your heart beats wilder than ever. 
the beating heart:
Then, I started to relax. and go on to present my slides: the credit laws. (okay, okay, i am not going to bore you by doing a synopsis on credit laws) It was okay, and I am quite happy with the end result, although there are rooms for improvements. Although, I suffered a mild panic attack when my classmate, Hanif decided to assault us with his smart-arse questions. 
And, for the courage and confident I possessed( despite feeling awkward that the whole class is STARING at me), I deserved a pat on the back. 
So, Tiara. A toast:)

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