Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cinta VLOG- The Review

I was bored to death yesterday night, so I decided not to read my for my Finance Quiz, but instead watch a movie online, and boy, I regretted wasting my every precious  minutes watching that thing they called movie. Oh okay, they call it VEEeeeeee-LOG. ( do the peace sign for me, hons).
okay, let me answer that for you, my dear readers.
VLOG is a video-form blogging that requires you to tell the whole campus how annoyingly shallow you are that you give yourself silly pet names, do amateurish magic tricks that you learned via Breaking the magicians code and how you fell in love at the first sight of your arc-nemesis. Cliche. and that is how I sum up this little movie.
In its defence, I do think the movie can attract enough audience purely because A) it has an array of eye-candy to be the actor and actress B) The catchy title might appeal to the younger generations
But once you get over the sheer hotness-i suppose? of its lead cast, YOU WILL MOST PROBABLY BORE YOURSELF TO SLEEP WATCHING IT.
Hmm..... I was wondering. Does the masses really think that college students' life typically revolves around self-centred characters (and their Vlogs?), chasing love, and being popular? Hey, that was high school la sayang. 
We have enough studying and future-planning to do throughout our college life, the tests, the nights downing mugs after mugs of nescafe for exams' sake, a true friendship that bonds us all together(instead of a Vlog), and I don't see any part of that in the movie. So, what the movie is potraying is NOT a college life at all.

ps- Talking bout shallowness, I would rather watch GossipGirl, purely because of Chuck Bass. An eye candy and sheer sexy. 'nuf said.

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