Monday, October 8, 2012

The Girl with the (Green)Headscarf

WHAT: The Headscarf laa..
WHEN: At The Moment
WHERE: Mane-mane pun boleh
OK, so maybe I am a bit outdated in this area. For the past few months, women worldwide has been going gaga over a piece of crisp-cottonlike shawl that Michelle Obama wore to her trip in Indonesia, hence conveniently called the "Tudung Obama", oh well, what can I say, I AM THE OUTDATED ONE, right?

So, here I am, making sense of the major headscarf brouhaha and alas, getting myself a piece of the printed bawal headscarf at RM5?! A steal! I am currently on a gorgeous headscarf hunting spree, tell me if you spot one, hons:)

Btw, I chanced upon this blog that sells cute printed bawal at unbelievable prices:)

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