Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Relentless Campus Musings

WHEN- 1 pm, Malaysia hour
WHERE-on my comfy bed

Okay, so i told myself yesterday: 
Tiara, you have Finance Class at 2pm, why are you still in bed, this is your new campus, you SHOULD be nervous, because you have no inkling where the hell your next class will be, and you have been lost for a 10000th times yesterday!

Then, I thought to myself: 
oh, don't worry, pessimist Tiara, you are not really a shy person, you can be lost a 10000  times, but you can ask directions to 10000 people on the road, and makes a 10000 new friends( and make sure 50% of them are cute boys, haha, kidding), what's not to like? Cheers**

Then, pessimist Tiara sighed:
UGH. As always, you are such a dreamer and optimist, i think you are hallucinating. you have to walk a 10000 miles before you reach your faculty, and the sun is super-HOT, k?you would melt into puddles before you can find the 2nd person to ask for directions!And what if you are late, and the lecturer won't let you in? Bummer.

I open my eyes slowly:
Stop nagging me already, you are not my mom. you see, when the sun is hot, the rays will fell on your face and actually make your skin glow, so that's a good thing. Cheers** Plus, if i am late, which is impossible to comprehend, since i have 10000 PERSON to show me directions, i can always tell the lecturer that i am new here, and the sun is hot and i got lost, like you said.haha.

Current State of Self: Optimist Tiara-1
                       Pessimist Tiara-0

TOAST: TO AN OPTIMIST ME, and all my readers:)
anyway, I arrived at class at 2pm, on the dot:)

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