Saturday, September 15, 2012

Financial Goals

My new lecturer for Personal Financial Planning having decided that since we will be managing others' finance once we joined the career world, we should start by managing ours first. Okay, Prof, that really IS food for thought. I mean, besides the occasional dreaming of being married off to a filthy rich son of a Sultan, many girls my age don't really ponder much on this issue. But, I am not MANY girls, so maybe i should write down my financial goals now? Here goes nothing;

  • Lasik Surgery which would cost a staggering RM5grand for better eyesight, and definitely worth every penny, i tell you. Frankly, I think five grand are a lot of money, but I am all to blame for not eating enough carrots.haha
  • Travel Around The World. Life is short,and one the many things I have to do before I die( besides stuffing myself with tonnes of chocolates and Sara Lee ice cream) is to  explore the wonders of the globe. Not necessarily I have to travel in private yachts and stays in posh hotels, but i want to be one of those backpackers who hitch hike their ways to a foreign land and stays with the locals, eat roach (only IF I have to) and sips coffee luwak(what? yucks!) the Parisien way. haha In short, I will go where the wind may blow.
  • Earn a 5-Figure Salary. Whilst I know it is not a crime to dream, I am also aware of the fact that a dose of reality can be indispensible. You see, it is only true that if I want to achieve any of my goals, I would need means to make them materialize. And by means, I mean money. So, hopefully, all these dreams can come true. Wait, do you think I am dreaming too much?
          Anyway, A Toast. To Life. And Dreams.

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