Monday, September 10, 2012

Positive Thinkers, Ahoy!

Okay, because i am in such good mood today. I am going to share with you a little anecdote about a man who thinks he is a mouse( heck, he even stacks up cheddars and cottage cheese in his freezer as his daily staple). This man died a tragic death, the cat ate him.
How SAD it is that one would come to a stage when he has no inkling whatsoever of his own identity.  and...
Wait, sad is a bad word, a taboo even, now that I am an advocate of positive thinking.
I have stumbled across this amazing self-help book chronicling how one can success through the power of positive thinking. The key is never to limit your dreams and goals, because if you do, it is like placing obstacles for yourself, creating impossibilities. If you want something bad enough, chances are you will get it by setting vivid mental image in your subconcious mind- which will somehow change our mindset and alas behavior towards our lives, note that our subconcious mind cannot reject, and will agree to everything we think, provided if we think about it hard enough. So, if you say,'' I will make millions'' every single day, your subconcious mind will prompt you to take drastic measures, whatever it takes towards your goals.
You see, your thought works like a seed, if you nourish it with enough persistent and motivation and hard work, eventually it will be a fruitful act and you will achieve success. Now, I know the pessimists out there, yours truly included, will throw up their hands and wonder out loud,how can one hitch their hopes so high when truth is, they are in an unforgiving state, like , a beggar can dream to be driving a Merc CLS 350, but will it become reality? I know many will dismiss it as just petty thoughts and building castles on air, but hey, all is possible. Not many successful man are born with a silver spoon in their mouth, and they climbed and crawled a long way before they achieved greatness instead of having greatness thrusted upon them.
Greatness, here I come.o0

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