Sunday, September 9, 2012

So what if I am not a UK size 2 anymore?

Tell you what, a few months ago, upon rediscovering the magic of Oreo cookies with pints of Sara Lee icecream, the joy of peeling open the blocks of Cadbury and the chocolatissimo, I had put on much weight. TONNES.
Advice for those with eating disorder:
Want to get fat? Always eat the JD burger at TGI. hahaha
Before you go on imagining me with a Queen Latifah’s bod, I have to tell you I am not that curvy, sorry to dampen your spirits,muchahas.  I just became more heavily endowed and with bigger bumper. Hence, I am a size 6 UK now. Does that makes me fat? You see, being a size 6 is considered skinny in UK, and medium size in Malaysia, so I guess I can still forgive myself for excessive pigging out sessions.
To good food and good, err, life??
So, TOAST!!!
( I think i have been toasting a little too much on silly things. haha . But still, chin chin*)

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