Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Confession-Part 2

I don't usually read a book at this pace. After a week, I'm still at Chapter 8 of the confession, I'm supposed to have finished reading it by now.
Anyway, I felt sorry for Donte Drumm, the young black guy who was accused of killing and raping Nikki Yerber. He was an innocent man, yet  because the odds are against him in Texas, he has to face the death row. And one does not die that easy even when you are  sentenced to death, the authority decided that he needs to be tortured by being encaged in a steel cabin 23 hour a day all by himself with no contact whatsoever to the outside world, being fed food that even dogs would run away from, being on edge whenever  a fellow jailmate  suddenly disappear(words has it he went to meet his Creator), being reduced to tear whenever he got letters from his old mum, Mrs. Robertha.,being sad and lonely in his unit to the extend that he jumped at the thought of having a penpal. So much suffering, at such a young age.
Maybe we human really is a slave of habit. When life is good and everything is handed to us on a silver platter, we seem to forget the value of gratefulness, we seemed complacent. We seem to ignore that not everyone is blessed with a good life, good hearing, good eyesight, good food, great memories, great friends, great families, great health.
But the day everything that we take for granted for are taken away from us, till what is left of us is only ,literally, ourselves; we start losing our  hopes and forgets our prayers,  we forsake our dreams and throw away our faiths; and that alone, makes us less human. Because if we want to hitch our self worth only physical, materials,and worldly wellbeings, without the feeling of gratefulness, hopefulness and faiths, maybe we ceased to be human way earlier than we thought.

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