Friday, November 16, 2012

Two Cents Worth

So, today, of all day,I decided to talk about the "arena kerja penulisan di tanah airku, yakni Malaysia". haha

Slowly, after years of spending my youth (ya Allah, macam tak ada life) behind Shopaholics and The Clique series, then to Harry Potter, then The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, then Clive Cussler.... I have found out( sadly) that Malaysia have not even produced one single book or work that is remotely on par with other international writer. With the exception of Doctor in The House and a few other autobiography, nothing.

Sikit-sikit novel tangkap cintan. Cinta tak kesampaian. Cinta tiga segi. Kecurangan. Dunia korporat yang dipenuhi shallow storyline, which at times makes you feel like rolling on the floor laughing at their silly attempt at tackling serious topics. Alah, setakat cerita cinta anak Dato yang spoilt tu, tak payah la nak buat buku, nak kaut untung sebab orang kita banyak yang tak tau nak menilai quality work. Dalam drama pun dah banyak, meluat la pulak,  sikit-sikit idea basi. My foot.

Takde ke orang nak tulis buku macam John Grisham ke, Tolstoy ke, Dan Brown ke, Jeffrey Archer ke. These books got FANGS,  I tell you. The plot bites at you and leaves you utterly breathless, is all I can say.

Seriously, as if our life revolves around crushes, puppy love and unrequited love all the time, as if we Malaysians have nothing else on our minds excepts romance fantasies. 

Then, I thought. Malaysia ni negara kecik. Maybe we have to give the writers a chance to prove their worth. Give them the time (sampai Wawasan 2020 ke?) and opportunies they need.

So, who knows, when I am in my 60s( dah bercucu bercicit nanti)), I might have the chance to read (and weep proudly) the first ever Malaysian novel that is gripping, thrilling, and does not revolves around, sigghhh... romance. Mase tu, I would be the first in line to get the writer's autograph. 

I'm being an overtly optimist here. 

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