Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ugly Encounter With Fate(This is a bimbo post)

Back when I was in high school, me and my girlfriends used to make fun of this guy: YJ. Well, he's not exactly ugly, but enough to make you think twice, or a hundred times before striking a convo with him. And he's friendly enough, almost too friendly that its scary( ps- pedophiles are friendly lots too before they got their victims. I'm not saying YJ is a pedophile, but anything is possible..)What turns us off was that he has this ugly and creepy and superlatively shrilly laughter. Super U-G-L-Y, You Ain't Got No Alibi! kinda ugly. Since then, we called this boy Young Jerk(oh-kaay, now I sounds like a super shallow bimbo) So, enough talk about him, the rest of high school years were all good, all butterflies and rainbows..(dreamy smile)

But then on the fateful day(last two days precisely), when me and my friends from campus were having McD whilst studying(burning the midnight oil, obviously), an exact replica of Young Jerk (with a superthick glasses, lanky posture, weird hairdo and lacklustre fashion don'ts) , complete with the scary laughter came by at our table to chat us up. I repeat, CHAT US UP. I was totally gobsmacked, what the hell is this guy doing, appearing in my already not-so-perfect life and making it worse? I exhaled for a bit and tried to take it with as much grace (like Grace Kelly) as possible.Is this karma or fate's way of playing me?

ps- Danny, if you're reading this, you should feel lucky because it's me having the ugly encounter, not you.haha I totally saved you, so you owe me a Berry Strawberry @ Baskin.

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