Sunday, November 7, 2010

I Spy With My Eyes, A Shade Of Blue In The Skies

Have you ever drop everything you are doing to just look at the sky and admire its beauty?
I did, just earlier today.
What I realized was how oblivious I was before to my surroundings, always thinking that what I am doing is of such utmost importance that I never stopped and try to smell the roses. A feeling so humble struck me as I watched the many shades of blues in the clear sky, will I be so fortunate as to be able to witness this picturesque view tomorrow? What about the day after tomorrow?
It is amazing that we always overlook what we have, and take it for granted.
I vow not to make that mistake again.
ps- special thanks to Puan Haryati(a beloved lecturer of mine), for viewing my posts and giving this blog your approval:)

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