Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Not (YET) The BEST Presentation Ever 3

Oh My Goodness.
Final presentation for BEL and my heart almost jumped out of my head( sorry I quote House Bunny).
This is byfar the lenghtiest presentation ever. 
AM I SCARED? Course not. hands trembling. fingers crossing.

Fact is, I DID NOT nail the presentation. sigh. 
1. I said 'uhh." for 2 seconds twice! what is happening? 
2. I don't know the foreign words coming out of my mouth eventhough every one is nodding away relentlessly. 
3.I can't remember the points, I made new points on the spot. 
4.And my slides are all messed up. 
I am no longer the Queen of the Universe. sob sob(T_T)
Oh My Goodness.

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