Sunday, January 30, 2011

ATM card alert

Sometimes we are all poor lot, when you swipe your mastercard and it beeps a "tut" instead of a more melodious "ping", when you enter your ATM card to withdraw some money and it gives you 3 options:
1. You are broke
2. Destroy this card immediately
3. Is this the kind of life you are living?,
which all leaves you feeling like a sore penniless loser, which trigger your not-so imaginative minds on ways to get fast and easy money:
1.Be a slut(yucks)
2. Loanshark
3. Beg from ya old mommy and daddy.
and sorry folks, I'd always pick the 3rd one.haha. Btw, I'm kinda short of cash now, daddy. wink wink

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