Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kind Hearts

She walks with a fast pace, her hands half covering her wrinkled nose. The stench hung in mid air, making it almost impossible for her to breath. The narrow street was laced with quarters that looked like they were about to collapse should them blown strong enough by the wind. She wondered what was behind those filth encrusted windows and who live inside these houses, if they could be called one.  An ill kid perhaps, with a bedridden mother, daddy coming home late at night reek of cheap liquors.  An overwhelming emotion surged through her and she wanted nothing more than being able to get inside, reach out for those people, touching their hearts, changing their lives.
Mother Theresa had long left us, but her kindness and good deeds forever imprinted in our hearts.
 Just when you thought that the world is indeed beautiful and filled with good-hearted Samaritans, you were bombarded with petrifying news headlines- baby dumping, maid tortured by employer, 10 year old raped by bus driver, manslaughter , the list goes on. The world is so full of malevolence that you even get suspicious and paranoid over your next-door-neighbours, (Disturbia), sorry Shia.  Where did we go wrong? Is the home-upbringing and education inadequate to ensure a morally upright generation? Is showing money more important than showing love? Is it true that a country has to go through war to get peace? It is just about a mind-blowing fact that human are becoming more and more vile towards their own kind. (ps-More so that we shamelessly claimed ourselves as “courteous Malaysians” but we lack just that.  )
Love makes the world goes round? A blatant lie, if you ask me. Am I a pessimist? No, just a realist.


Danica C. said...

I love, love, love your writing. MISS YOU! <3

tiara hearts u said...

miss u too T_T