Saturday, October 30, 2010

Making Differences

Let out your hand.
If I placed within your palm a weapon of mass destruction that could cause a damage more colossal than a nuclear warhead and agent orange put together, what would you do? Would you use it in a good way or abuse it? Would you obediently hand it to the authority or would you sell it for 40 millions to an international communist group? Greed or Greatness, what would you choose? It is hard to imagine what we would do when we are thrusted with such possession of power.
Now that is an analogy totally out of the blue. But same question, what would you do when you are handed with power and influence over others who are mainly younger than and looked up to you for guidance? Torture them ruthlessly like a tyrant on show them the ropes and ladders which would help them in the future? You do the thinking.
Though in earlier case, the instant the weapon touches your bare hands, you become a marked man. I suggest you drive as far as your car would take you to a barren land no one would find you because many parties- good and bad, will come your way in search for that precious weapon. Many would kill for power. Same question, would you?
It is so easy to pinpoint others the mistakes they made and how unlawful their acts were when you are in their shoes, as easy as it is to blame a group of teenagers who caused the death of one other while 'orientating' him. Again, pointing others' faults is so easy for you, that you overlook completely you yourself has made one mistakes after another in life. Yes, you've changed and repent. But how many of us wouldn't mind it if someone keeps pointing the obvious and tell us that what we did was wrong in the most unflattering ways? I'm not a fan of those who can't take critisms in a positive way, and I believe you'd say the same thing about yourselves too. But when it was us who made the mistakes, all we could ever wish for is a silent forgiveness and nothing else. Forgive me if I'm wrong, not many people are actually blessed with the ability to take criticms in a positive way and heck, even fewer people who has the ability to give out good, unbiased and unjudgemental critisms. Are you one of them?
Who are we to pass judgement when we do not understand the nature of the cause? Is stealing wrong? Yes. Is stealing a loaf of bread wrong for a man who has a dozen of hungry kids at home and haven't got any money on him to buy food? Err. Survival instinct Vs. Ethical values, what would it be for you if you are in this poor man's predicament? Beg for food? Come on, let's not be pretentious, we Malaysians are not as courteous as we claimed to be when it comes to helping others. Besides the few good-hearted Samaritans which are hard to find out there, a lot of us would just shoo away the beggar or run at the sight of this poor man.
So, when pointing fingers cease to solve any problems, why not opt for a softer approach? Nurture within the young hearts that humanity is a must in everyday life. Do unto others how you would like others do unto you. Respect others if you want to be respected. Aid others and help will come your way when you needed it.
It's not people with deep pockets and shallow minds who can make a difference. It is people like you and me, given hard situations, but still making the right decisions. 

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