Sunday, October 17, 2010

An empty stomach, an empty soul

a young boy sipping water from a dirty pond in his village

“He winced as he opened his eyes; the dream had been nothing short of a miracle. Him surrounded by fluffy cotton candies and fruits so ripe he could still smell the sweet scents.  He wondered how they would taste like. If only he could have a bite, he thought miserably. Then he laughed to himself, how did he dreamed of cotton candies if he had never seen one?
A small boy of 6, Nairobi’s petite frame supports a protruding belly, his eyes had bear witness to all the sorrows and sadness a boy his age would never thought of. He quickened his steps, running nakedly as fast as his fragile legs could carry him to the small water puddle his friends had told him earlier for a sip, trying to quench his thirst, and hopefully fill up his empty stomach.”
In a world of plenty, many get by with an empty stomach. Whilst some of us may wake up every morning wondering what the latest juicies on facebook is, there are some others who had to wake up and wonder how and when can he has his next meal.
A conundrum waiting to be solved, the poverty turmoil warrants serious and immediate action. We might not be able to do much to help young Nairobi, but the least we could do is held out our hands and help those in needs around us. Donate to the soup kitchen in your neighbourhood, for these kitchens help feed those who can’t feed themselves. Care for others. A little help goes a long way.

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