Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dreams Sweeter Than Candy

"If you wish upon a star, your dreams will take you very far,” that’s one thing a good friend of mine had told me before she left for Australia to further her studies in med, her lifelong ambition being a doctor of some sort and I surely hope that she will succeed in realising that dream of hers.
Dreams are the very sunshine of your coexistence, the reason you are willing to live life in bitter, knowing that there will be a silver lining to all that hardship someday. One day, when the time comes, you will rise to the occasion and reach your full potential, and that is the time when your dreams is just within your grasp, waiting for you to come grab it with both hands and never let go.
Yes, it is very true that you will face many hassles and difficulties along the way, which deters you to strive for your dreams, but isn’t that all the more reason for you to keep going and prove your worth to those who doubt you? And more importantly, prove it to yourselves. Let’s look at it this way, if life is a road, surely many stones will be in your way.
Easier said than done, might be what’s crossing your mind right now, and I cannot blame you. I, myself is facing troubles on deciding on my future paths, frankly speaking.  Yes, I do love to write, but other interests I held close to my heart is designing and event management. The twist here is that I’m currently pursuing investment analysis, following my parents’ wish for me to foray into the ‘ala- Wall Street’ and finance industry. Well, I’ve nothing against that because I love big money and hectic work schedule, but does that means I have to forget my desires and envelop myself in total despair for the rest of my life because I was unable to chase my dreams?  What am I doing writing about dreams then? Well, I believe in some way, we are all the same, always searching and groping in the dark, hoping one day we might strike success. And in that sense, I was hoping that you and me, we could together explore the possibilities and take the route not taken.
Dreams can only materialize if we put our heart and soul into realising it, a cliché but never a wrong fact. The crux of the question is, are we willing to take the chances, walk the miles and make that fantasy a reality? Or do we get contempt with our current life, forever living in the flight of fancy? Most certainly not, is what I say. What say you?

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